Emad Adel Hanna

I am a Cloud Solution Architect

Emad Adel

With over 15 years of experience in IT, I am a seasoned cloud solution architect and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I currently work at KlayyTech, a leading IT company that provides cloud services and solutions to clients across various industries.
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  • Cairo, Egypt
  • +20-12-4892008, +20-016-3008167
  • me@emadadel.com
  • it.emadadel@hotmail.com
  • www.emadadel.com

My Professional Skills

I have successfully led numerous cloud migration projects, ensuring a smooth transition from on-premises to cloud-based environments. I also have expertise in cloud security and compliance, ensuring data protection and regulatory adherence. .

Microsoft Azure 90%
Microsoft 365 95%
Amazon AWS 70%
Enterprise Architect 60%

Training Services

I give people practical skills and knowledge for the workplace. It can help and improving their skills (Azure ,AWS , Microsoft 365 and SharePoint ).

IT consultant services

Helping businesses use technology to achieve their goals. and offer expertise in areas like cloud computing, cybersecurity, and software selection, and can improve efficiency, reduce risk, and save costs..

Professional Services

As and Azure expert and microsoft 365, I provide the best services, support and advice for all things Microsoft (Microsoft migration, support, and optimisation services).

Enterprise Architect services

help organizations align their IT infrastructure with business strategy. They basically design, evaluate, and build a blueprint for how technology supports the company's goals..

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Completed Consultant projects
  • Microsoft Copilot For Security Community


    What is Microsoft Copilot for Security?

    Microsoft Copilot for Security (Copilot for Security) is a generative AI-powered security solution that helps increase the efficiency and capabilities of defenders to improve security outcomes at machine speed and scale.

    Copilot for Security provides a natural language, assistive copilot experience. Copilot for Security helps support security professionals in end-to-end scenarios such as incident response, threat hunting, intelligence gathering, and posture management.

    The official Copilot for Security GitHub Community was just released by the team! Lots and lots of guidelines, logic applications, seminars, examples, and prompting materials. 

    Microsoft Copilot for Security is a generative AI-powered assistant for daily operations in security and IT that empowers teams to protect at the speed and scale of AI.

    🔥 The URL is lnkd.in/epnqccq8.

  • What is The Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) ?

    The Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) is a tool that collects monitoring data from the guest operating system of Azure and hybrid virtual machines. It then delivers this data to Azure Monitor, which can be used by various features, insights, and other services like Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Cloud¹. 
    AMA is designed to replace all of Azure Monitor's legacy monitoring agents. It offers several benefits, including cost savings through targeted data collection rules, simpler management, and enhanced security with Managed Identity and Microsoft Entra tokens¹. 

    It's important to note that the Log Analytics agent is on a deprecation path and won't be supported after August 31, 2024. Therefore, if you're using the Log Analytics agent, you should migrate to the new Azure Monitor agent before that date¹.

  • User Consent Settings in Microsoft 365

    User Consent Settings in Microsoft 365

    When it comes to applications that request access to your organization's data, managing user consent is crucial. Here's how you can configure and control user consent settings:

    1. **Default Behavior**:
       - By default, all users are allowed to consent to applications for permissions that don't require administrator approval.
       - However, to reduce the risk of malicious apps gaining access to your organization's data, consider allowing user consent only for applications published by verified publishers.

    2. **Configuring User Consent**:
       - Sign in to the **Microsoft Entra admin center** as a **Global Administrator**.
       - Navigate to **Identity > Applications > Enterprise applications > Consent and permissions > User consent settings**.
       - Choose the consent setting you want to configure for all users (e.g., allow or restrict user consent).
       - Save your settings.

    3. **Admin Approval Workflow**:
       - If you disable user consent, admins must consent to apps before users can use them.
       - Set up an **admin consent workflow** in the Microsoft Entra admin center so users can request admin approval for blocked apps.

    Remember that users can grant access only to apps they own, and they can't give an app access to other users' information.

  • What is Microsoft Entra ?

    Microsoft has introduced a new product family called Entra. This encompasses Azure AD as well as two novel product categories: Cloud Infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) and decentralized identity. These products aim to facilitate secure access for all by offering identity and access management, cloud infrastructure entitlement management, and identity verification services.

    Additionally, we are pleased to announce new solutions and products within the Entra family.

    The key benefits of these offerings can be summarized as follows:

    1. Mitigation of risks associated with cloud access

    2. Decentralized identity community

    3. Automated critical identity governance

  • What's the difference between Office Web Apps and Office Online?


    The Product Compatibility Matrix for Office Online Server and Office Web Apps Server can be found here.
    ProductOffice Web Apps ServerOffice Online Server
    SharePoint Server 2013
    SharePoint Server 2016
    Lync Server 2013
    Skype for Business Server 2015
    Exchange Server 2013
    Exchange Server 2016

    *Note that SharePoint Server 2013 cannot use the Excel Online external data connectivity and data refresh functionality in Office Online Server. That's only available with SharePoint Server 2016.
  • How to Fix “Error: the tool was unable to install application server role web server (iis) role

    I get the following message even though the server is online.Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role: configuration error

    I've even tried downloading the prerequisites and passing them as parameters to the install tool. I've done two clean installs of Server 2012 but cannot get this to install.

    To work around this issue, use one of the following methods.

    Method 1

    Install the hotfix that is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article 2771431. For more information about hotfix 2771431, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    2771431 A servicing stack update is available for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

    Note Although KB 2771431 states that you do not have to restart your computer in order to apply the hotfix, you must restart the SharePoint Server as part of the installation process after you apply this hotfix.

    Method 2

    domain group policy default applies a restriction on PowerShell to allsigned that cannot be overridden by the usual Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted.

    Changed the policy (Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows
    PowerShell : Turn on Script Execution to Allow all scripts

    Ran the prerequisite installer successfully.
  • ما تحتاجه لبدء برمجة تطبيقات ويندوز فون 8

    ما تحتاجه لبدء برمجة تطبيقات ويندوز فون 8

    لايخفى على احد قوة نظام ويندوز فون 8 وامكانية عمل تطبيقات رائعه قد تفتح لاحدنا الباب الواسع نحو الثراء او وضع بصمتنا القويه فيه نحن كعرب ومسلمين ولهذه الاسباب احببت ان اضع لكم معلومات بسيطة ومتطلبات البدء بتطوير تطبيقات لهذا النظام القوي نبدأ على بركة الله :
     متطلبات نظام التشغيل والهاردوير :
     يجب ان يكون نظام التشغيل لديك هو ويندوز 8 64 بت حصرا.
    مساحة على قرصك الصلب الهاردسك 6.5 جيجابايت لتثبيت حزمة SDK الخاصة بالنظام
    حجم الرام 4 جيجابايت لتشغيل المحاكي والحزمة البرمجية

     ماهي اللغة التي بإمكاني برمجة تطبيقات ويندوز فون 8؟

    اللغات الاساسيه هي :
    java script

    هل احتاج الى شراء هاتف يعمل بنظام ويندوز فون 8 مثل لوميا 920؟

    في البداية لا تحتاج الى هاتف لتجربة تطبيقاتك حيث يمكنك وبسهولة استخدام المحاكي emulator الذي ستحمله مع الحزمة البرمجية sdk.

    من اين استطيع تحميل الحزمة البرمجية الخاصة بالتطوير SDK؟

     الحزمة مجانيه 100% وتستطيع تحميلها من موقع مطوري ويندوز فون 8 من مايكروسوفت