Introducing Visio 2010

Visio 2010 brings many new features that make Visio more powerful and easier to use. This post gives a few quick highlights on Visio 2010, along with links to more detailed posts on the Visio team’s official blog.

One of the first things users of Visio 2010 will notice is that menus and toolbars have been replaced by the Office Fluent UI, which makes frequently used commands easier to find. Here is the Home tab of the Visio Ribbon:

The new Ribbon UI is accompanied by a redesigned Shapes Window—shown below in both expanded and collapsed mode—which lets you easily combine your favorite shapes from multiple stencils into one view.

Visio 2010 also includes many enhancements to the diagram creation experience. One such enhancement is the Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, which allows you to hover over a shape and click to AutoConnect a new shape, as shown in the below screenshot. This is one of the ways Visio has integrated Live Preview into the diagramming experience.

For more information on Visio 2010’s features for editing and organizing the information in diagrams, see the following posts:

Visio 2010 makes it easier to give a polished, professional look to your diagrams. The “Auto Align & Space” command is one of our new layout features; it cleans up your diagram’s layout while preserving its basic arrangement, as illustrated below:

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